Site assessment of the existing trees, accurate measurements and details will guide the conceptual design process and structure drawings. Basic specifications for the platform, floor plan and elevation will be drafted along with a budget estimate.


As a further scope of the project we carry out investigations regarding regulations and assist in obtaining required building permits. Additional site visits are necessary in order to model the trees and generate a full set of architectural drawings.


Prefabricated components of the design will be delivered from our workshops onsite for completion. Experienced carpenters will craft the building process. Subcontractors for installations will work under our supervision for the implementation of various specifications.

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A Bit About Us

Architects, designers, carpenters and craftsmen working together to create and implement original treehouse designs combining high quality of woodwork and craftsmanship, using ecological treatments and organic materials to execute a vision integrated harmoniously in its surrounding nature. Our objectives are to standardize our designs and implement effectively in time and efficiently in costs. From the production of the prefabricated components to the sourcing of the wood and from the hand-drawings to the 3D models and architectural plans, we hold a strong grip over the process.

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Best choice
  • Standard
  • 6,000square meter
    • floor space 5 sqm
    • terrace 15 sqm
    • altitude 4 m
    • zinc sheet roofing
    • wood board siding

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  • Medium
  • 6,800square meter
    • floorspace 9 sqm
    • terrace 10 sqm
    • shingled roof
    • wood board siding
    • double level

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  • Large
  • 7,500square meter
    • floorspace 16 sqm
    • terrace 18 sqm
    • thatched roof
    • wood board siding
    • tree bridge

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  • Custom
  • --square meter
    • concept design
    • multiple terraces
    • pathways and bridges
    • use of any material
    • hight as per feasability

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